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alicante, and the barbecue... [Jun. 17th, 2005|02:32 pm]
im going to sum up my trip to alicante, spain:
-8 best girl friends
-jello shooters
-so much fun
-all our shit got stolen by receptionist at the hotel
-not the best city, kind of run-down and really really seedy..

last weekend was liv's bday and the whole school had a bbq by the lake. i got ridiculously drunk and have no idea what happened. lol how do people do that every single weekend? i am NEVERRR getting that drunk again, how embarrassing. it's 9 days until i make my return to canada. i had my last class of high school yesterday SOOO weirded out!

i'm going to miss my roomies sooooo much. i'm really sad right now i don't want to leave swissland.